Calendar user guide


We make it very easy for you

1. Based on your desired outcome, we specifically design the following calendars for you.

You can always switch between these calendars based on your preferences:


Fertility calendar (annual/monthly)
gender selection, viability

viabilityViability calendar (annual/monthly)
reflects viability only

contraceptionContraception calendar (annual/monthly)
a non-invasive alternative to contraception which doesn’t harm your health


2. You can also flip between monthly and annual views.

The monthly calendar offers a detailed view of all Lunar BioRhythmic Fertility elements and small pop-ups appear each time you mouse over a specific field.



3. You will need to let us know how are you planning to use your calendar so we can adjust e-mail alerts based on your preferences.


4. Based on that, you will get an e-mail notification every step of the way

and will be notified via e-mail about the following:

  • once you get closer to your  Lunar BioRhythmic fertility dates
  • on your Lunar BioRhythmic Fertility dates
  • recommended dates for intercourse to conceive a boy or a girl
  • when to avoid intercourse
  • when to conceive a viable child
  • when your lunar dates overlap with your hormonal ovulation, dates that should not be used in attempts to conceive
  • when your hormonal ovulation cycle begins and ends

You will be given clear instructions based on your conceiving preferences.

5. In case your menstrual ovulation dates overlap with  your Lunar BioRythmic fertility days, please AVOID using your dates in  that particular month.

The method doesn’t work in case these two overlap. Please follow these instructions precisely to achieve desired results. Once you place an order for your BioRhythmic fertility calendar, these overlaps will be monitored and you will get an e-mail notification alert not to use those dates.


6. In order to achieve desired results for viability and gender selection,

intercourse needs to take place one or two days PRIOR to your Lunar BioRhythmic conception day. THERE IS NO INTERCOURSE ALLOWED ON YOUR LUNAR BIORHYTHMIC CONCEPTION DAY. These instructions are marked in your calendar, but please follow them precisely.


7. Increase your chances of conceiving a desired gender.

Your chances increase when the intercourse takes place one day prior to your Lunar BioRhythmic conception day. You can have intercourse as many times and as often as you want on that day. You can also try two days prior to your Lunar BioRhythmic Conception day, but your chances increase as you get closer to the conception moment.


8. Don’t be surprised if most of your lunar BioRhythmic fertility dates fall on the date of your period. It is very common and yes, it works.

It’s the reason why so many woman can’t get pregnant for a long time as they don’t realize that the most fertile period of their month may occur during their menstrual period.

9. What if you don’t get pregnant on your first shot or in a given year?

Please remember that every woman is different and different fertility cycles/levels apply to different periods of her life. You may be more fertile one year versus the other and inclined to conceive faster in a given time period. That is why we encourage women to obtain their fertility calendars ahead of time, because sometimes it may take several tries to conceive your dream baby.

10. And what if you don’t have any viability dates in a given year? This doesn’t happen often, but can happen.

Some women may not have a single viability date for one or two years ahead of time. That is why it’s always good to start planning your pregnancy early.

11. Every woman should know her Lunar BioRhythmic fertility dates irrespective of whether she wants to conceive a child or is using various methods of contraception.

Every woman wants to know her body and the same way women track their hormonal ovulation cycle, they should track their Lunar BioRhythmic Fertility Cycle. It is essential for every woman who truly wants to know her body.

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