Can a woman conceive during her period?

Did you know that you can conceive a baby during your period?

conceive during period

Many women have a the perception that they cannot get pregnant during their period. According to medical theories about ovulation and optimal timing, this time of a woman’s fertility cycle is considered a highly unfertile period. But there are many women who conceive outside of their menstrual ovulation cycle. During the Lunar Biorhythmic fertility cycle, which may fall right on the dates of your period, eggs are released in a similar fashion as during the menstrual ovulation peak.

It is possible to conceive during your menstrual period and here is the reason why:

In addition to the hormonal cycle (which the scientific community widely accepts) a young Slovakian doctor named Eugen Jonas found that women have another fertility cycle linked to the cycles of the moon called the Lunar BioRhythmic cycle.

planets2And since it is very common that lunar fertility dates fall right on the date of a woman’s period, she can conceive during her menstrual cycle. It also may be one of the reasons why so many women can’t get pregnant as they don’t realize that the most fertile period of their month may occur during their menstrual period.

But not everyone shares this misconception: Some tribes living in Africa and Asia have only intercourse during the time of a natural menstrual period. These tribes reproduce at the same rate as any other population on this Earth.

According to Dr. Jonas, compared to the traditional, hormonal cycle, a Lunar BioRhythmic cycle is more conducive to conception and it happens at a much higher rate compared to efforts based on hormonal ovulation.

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