Conception moment

So what is a conception moment?


Sperm penetrate the vagina after sexual intercourse – coitus – and travel to the Fallopian tubes. The sperm’s journey from the vagina to the Fallopian tubes takes about 2 hours. There they remain alive for 3 to 5 days and are ready to join with the ovum when ovulation occurs. If the ovum is in the Fallopian tube, fertilization may occur immediately, but conditions have to be just right for fertilization to take place. In addition to the timing of ovulation, sperm quality – especially numbers and mobility – and Fallopian tube patency* are key to determining whether fertilization will occur.

Fertilization takes place when the sperm penetrates the ovum surface. Each sperm carries an enzyme that dissolves the outer surface of the ovum and allows the sperm to penetrate. After fertilization, the remaining sperm perish. Cell division begins 24 hours after fertilization and the fertilized ovum remains in the Fallopian tube for about 3 to 4 days before descending into the uterus. During this period, small projections grow from the ovum, allowing it to be implanted in the lining of the uterus. After this process is completed, conception ends and pregnancy – intrauterine growth – starts.

IMPORTANT for couples trying to conceive using Dr. Jonas method:

10476709_xxlTo take full advantage of conception moment using Dr. Jonas’ method, intercourse should take place in the 24 hour period prior to your Lunar Conception day — the day that, according to Dr. Jonas’ method, the egg is released.

We encourage couples with fertility issues to take advantage of both, lunar and hormonal cycles, in order to maximize probability of conceiving. Our calendar design takes both of these cycles into consideration and is very easy to use.

*Patency refers to the openness of the Fallopian tubes. Tubal obstruction may prevent the ovum and sperm from joining.

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