Increase your chances of conceiving

baby-14923144While Dr. Jonas’ method is 98,5% successful, to optimize your chances of natural conception, we encourage you to combine the method with BBT, OPK or cervical mucus observation charting. Couples may increase their chances of successful natural conception by trying during their mid-cycle hormonal fertile time and during the lunar peak fertile time. Both periods are reflected in the iConceive calendar we have designed for you.

Although Dr. Jonas’ method proved to be statistically 98.5% successful, conceiving may not happen on the first Lunar BioRythmic fertility cycle or on the first viable day.

pregnant-woman-3Please remember that every woman is different and different fertility cycles/levels apply to different periods of her life. You may be more fertile one year versus the other and inclined to conceive faster in a given time period. That is why we encourage women to obtain their fertility calendars ahead of time, because sometimes it may take several tries to conceive your dream baby.

In addition to calculating fertility dates, we also determine the optimal dates for conceiving healthy children, known as viability dates. Some women may have to wait more than a year before their next viability date, which makes planning for conception ahead of time especially important.

Every woman should know her Lunar BioRhythmic fertility dates irrespective of whether she wants to conceive a child or is using various methods of contraception. Every woman wants to know her body and the same way women track their hormonal ovulation cycle, they should also track their Lunar BioRythmic fertility cycles. It is part of every woman and is essential to knowing her body.

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