How the Mission Began

What Drives Us to Help You: A Personal Message From the Founder of iConceive

“Turning Sorrow Into Hope.”

At first, the only connection I had to Dr. Jonas was one of geography. I moved to New York years ago, but am originally from Nitra, Slovakia, which happens to be Dr. Jonas’ hometown.

Growing up, I never knew Dr. Jonas and our paths never crossed…until one day, after a heartbreaking turn of events, they did.

About a year ago, my husband and I were thrilled to find out we were expecting our first child together. At the time, we were living a hectic New York City lifestyle while both working demanding jobs in the financial industry. We were overjoyed to learn that our dream had come true and we were expecting.

baby-legsClosely watching my pregnancy, my parents — both highly regarded doctors in Slovakia — got worried at times as they saw the toll that my demanding job and lifestyle was taking on me. And of course, like most people in New York City, I used to brush off their concerns, thinking, “What could possibly go wrong?”

I endured substantial nausea during my first trimester but by week 15 of my pregnancy, I started to feel better. All of my medical tests came out well, my family was good and work was good. Everything seemed to be happening according to the plan, so we started to plan for the baby and even shopped for a new stroller. I managed to postpone my 20-week sonogram to week 22 due to our busy business travel schedules.

Feeling well, I went for my big sonogram. About 20 minutes into my exam, the technician started to act strangely. She was going in and out of the room, claiming her machine was not working properly and it did not take long till two other doctors came into the room. They delivered devastating news: “Your baby has a severe abnormal condition and has limited time to live,” they said.Crushed and in tears, we were escorted out of the room with no hope and no one to turn to.

Shortly after my devastating loss, I was back at work and tried to get back to normal. But how can you possibly do that? With a demanding job in New York, hormones all over the place and a depressed state of mind, where do you start? Our condition was a rare one as we found out weeks later, happening in one out of 80,000 pregnancies. I started asking myself, “What do I do? Where do I turn? Is there any hope? What are my chances of having a healthy child?”

My parents flew to New York to comfort us and as we were sipping coffee at a table discussing my rare condition, my mother made an unforgettable suggestion: “Why don’t you go to Dr. Jonas!?”

Dr. Jonas? Who is Dr. Jonas?” I asked.

flower-childThat is when it all came together. Though I had never heard of Dr. Jonas, my mother, an internist, was familiar with his work…and it turned out, so were many others. I started reading about his method and gathering testimonials from people. It was an amazing discovery, but most importantly, it gave me hope. It gave me hope that things would get better and despite my horrible experience, there was a solution. My mother put me in touch with Dr. Jonas and the two of us started communicating. Aside from providing me with my lunar conception dates, which Dr. Jonas amazingly calculated out of the top of his head, Dr. Jonas and I connected in a special way.

A few weeks later I was on my way to Slovakia to meet with Dr. Jonas and his family. Dr. Jonas has 11 children and amazing, thoughtful wife. As I sat in his home, I shared my feelings about his amazing work.

“Dr. Jonas, you are the solution and we need to let the world know about this. If we (women) had known about your method, we wouldn’t have had to suffer consequences of something that we could easily prevent.” I told him. Fortunately, Dr. Jonas agreed that it was time to make his method more accessible to women everywhere.

Together, we formulated a precise plan to spread his method and help women around the world to conceive when no other options seem viable.

And that is how iConceive started. The mission of iConceive is to promote the Dr. Jonas Method, to educate women about their fertility and to offer natural solutions for fertility problems.

Our vision is to expand the company beyond the fertility calendar solutions. We believe solutions to women’s fertility are closely linked to human psychology and that a healthy state of mind is critical for fertility and conception.

Good luck and enjoy your journey to fulfill your dream.

Creator of the idea to establish

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