Conceiving after 40


Your solution… the iConceive viability calendar


Woman’s fertility is highly impacted by age. When trying to conceive a child after 40, the fertility rate decreases to 5% due to the greatly reduced number of healthy eggs remaining in the ovaries. Embryo biopsies conducted by many research centers have shown that at least 1 out of 9 of a woman’s eggs have a genetic abnormality when a women reaches the age of 40. Even with the most successful infertility treatments available including in vitro fertilization (IVF), the success rate is limited to only 10% per try. The chance of a successful pregnancy completion once becoming pregnant is about 70%. Genetically abnormal pregnancies are more common as well, with an incidence rate of one in 38 at age 40, which is why most women undergoing IVF at that age opt for an egg donor.

The Dr. Jonas Method has been around for more than 5o years and has successfully helped women around the world to conceive, no matter their age.

In fact, the success rate of  the Dr. Jonas Method is 98.5% in all age categories.

In here is why this is possible

Dr. Jonas not only calculates the most fertile days tied to your Lunar BioRhytmic Cycle,  he also calculates dates that are the most conducive to conceiving a healthy viable child regardless your age.

Here it how it works: the main factor in the viability of a birth is the natal potential of the mother shown in her birth chart, which is associated with her biorhythm. Here we are entering the realm of the sophisticated calculation and physics, which it should be pointed out – no doctor in the world, aside from Dr. Jonas, is able to do. You will receive your highly viable dates once we conduct the calculation.

For women who are over 4o and gave up trying or are simply afraid of trying and don’t know where else to turn, iConceive may be the solution for you.

parentsiConceive has designed a special calendar for you – the iConceive viability calendar. Once you receive your fertility calendar, your lunar conception dates will be marked accordingly and reflect the gender type corresponding with those particular days.

You will also see a viability sign next to each day (little heart), which will determine the child’s health, or, in other words, the child’s viability. You can easily filter and access your viability calendar as illustrated below. We only recommend using the viability calendar for women over the age of 40, in order to achieve viable pregnancy. Any other days aside from your viability days are not recommended for use.

Try our viability calendar 

The statistics conducted by Jonas Center over over the course of 50 years shows this viability method to be 98.5% accurate.

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