Conceiving after miscarriage or birth defects

Your solution… the iConceive Viability Calendar

Unfortunately, there are many women in the world who want to conceive a child but cannot because every time they try they suffer a miscarriage. And there are other women who are able to carry babies to term, but their children are born with serious problems or defects.

And here is the reason why: The main factor in the viability of a birth is the natal potential of the mother shown in her birth chart, which is associated with her biorhythm. Here we are entering the realm of  sophisticated calculations and physics, which no doctor in the world, aside from Dr. Jonas, is able to do.

three-babiesIrrespective of your previous experiences, the Dr. Jonas method is 98.5% reliable and works for women with a history of miscarriages or births of babies with health defects. If you have lost hope and don’t know where else to turn,  iConceive may be the solution for you.

iConceive has designed a special calendar for you called the iConceive viability calendar.

Here is how  it works: Once you receive your fertility calendar, your lunar conception dates will be marked accordingly and reflect the gender type corresponding with those particular days.

You will also see a viability sign (little heart) next to each day, which will determine the child’s health, or, in other words, the child’s viability. In case of previous miscarriages and/or birth defects and complications, you can easily filter and access your viability calendar as illustrated below. We recommend that women with a history of miscarriages or children born with birth defects only attempt conception on days marked as viability days. Any other days aside from your viability days are not recommended for conception.

Try our viability calendar.

The statistics conducted by Jonas Center over the course of 50 years shows this viability method to be 98.5% accurate.

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