Gender selection

Did you ever think that you’d be able to choose the gender of your unborn baby?

babies-twinsMary, 34 years old, already had 2 boys and desired a baby girl. She tried all kinds of different remedies recommended by “trusted” sources and was trying to control the forces of nature by applying different intercourse techniques, only to find out at her 20- week sonogram that she would have another baby boy. Sounds familiar? How many times have you heard stories like this? While it’s not something many admit openly, there are many expectant mothers who are disappointed about their baby’s gender. This disappointment can be avoided! By planning your pregnancy ahead of time with our iConceive fertility calendar, you’ll have the opportunity to time your conception to ensure that the baby’s gender is the one you were hoping for.

Victoria is one of our many success stories. The 32-year-old mother a little boy named Alex, Victoria wanted her next child to be a girl. Victoria wrote to Dr. Jonas and requested a calculation to conceive a daughter. With huge anticipation, Victoria couldn’t wait to receive her fertility calendar with optimal days for conceiving a baby girl. With the calendar in her hands day later, she started to plan her pregnancy. She conceived immediately but had to wait till her 20th week sonogram to learn her child’s gender. She was thrilled when the doctor announced the happy news: “It’s a baby girl!” Several months later, Victoria welcomed her healthy, beautiful baby girl.

It is possible to control the gender of your future baby by using the iConceive calendar — just ask Victoria and many others!

By planning your pregnancy ahead of time with our iConceive fertility calendar, gender selection can be controlled. You’ll have the opportunity to time your conception to ensure that the baby’s gender is the one you were hoping for. Though gender is determined by which sperm reaches the egg, would-be parents who prefer a girl or a boy can still tilt the odds heavily in their favor: As Dr. Jonas has discovered, conditions in the uterus are more conducive to egg fertilization by male sperm during certain phases of the moon and by female sperm during others.Through the iConceive calendar, we will tell you which days correspond to the lunar phase optimal for conceiving the gender you prefer.

Here is what you need to do to find out your optimal dates to conceive a baby of desired gender:

Give us your exact date and time of your birth (including the hour and minute – time accuracy cannot deviate more than 4 minutes) and place of birth and we will calculate your lunar Conception Dates for you. You will receive your iConceive fertility calendar, which includes the optimal dates to conceive a boy or a girl, the time of labor (either day or night), gender of any future child you are likely to conceive, and viability dates to conceive a healthy child.

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