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children-01After two miscarriages very early in her pregnancy, Kristina was full of joy when she found out she was pregnant again. Kristina was holding on to every week that went by as she was getting closer to her dream. During her 14th week of pregnancy, consumed with the worry of losing her baby and stressed by her busy work schedule, Kristina started to bleed heavily.

Her husband Chris rushed her to the doctor. A few hours later, the biggest nightmare happened again – she suffered another miscarriage.  She remained in the hospital overnight for observation. The next morning Kristina engaged in a conversation with a patient who shared a few encouraging words and told her about Dr. Jonas.

By now Kristina’s age — she was just shy of 40 — placed her in a high-risk conception category. But, despite her heartbreaking experience, she wasn’t ready to give up. Kristina tracked down Dr. Jonas and asked for his help. According to Dr. Jonas’ calculations, Kristina had only two viability dates that year and they were months away and months apart from one another.

Dr. Jonas also advised Kristina that psychology is very important and that she needed to balance her life a bit before trying again. At the time, Kristina was holding a very lucrative position as a market strategist for a major food production company and travelled a lot. Following his advice, she cut down on her travel commitments and tried to adopt a slightly  more relaxed pace as she neared her viability days.


children-02Then, just five days before her first viability date, Kristina got her period. Angry and disappointed, she called Dr. Jonas only to be reassured that yes, the dates still work even during a woman’s period.  Kristina, a successful business woman who prided herself on her ability to think logically, was skeptical about Dr. Jonas’ advice, but gave it a try nonetheless. She was in shock four weeks later when her doctor confirmed her pregnancy. Though she was, once again, full of worry, Kristina successfully completed her pregnancy and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Read Kristina’s testimonial and others.

Unfortunately, like Kristina, there are many women in the world who want to conceive a child but cannot because every time they try, they suffer a miscarriage. And there are other women who are able to give birth to children, but the children are born with serious problems or defects.

The main factor in viability of birth is the natal potential of the mother shown in her birth chart, which is associated with her Lunar Biorhythmic Cycle.

Once you receive your iConceive fertility calendar, your lunar conception dates will be marked accordingly and reflect the gender type corresponding with those particular days.

You will also see a viability sign next to each day, which will determine the child’s health or, in other words, the child’s viability.

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