The Dr. Jonas Method

There is a precise moment – once a month – when the moon is exactly the same distance from the sun as it was at the time we are born.

This is the key to lunar cycle fertility.

Some six decades ago a young Slovakian doctor named Eugen Jonas made an astonishing discovery — that women have not one but two fertility cycles. In addition to the hormonal cycle (which the scientific community widely accepts) Dr. Jonas found that women have another fertility cycle linked to the cycles of the moon.

When growing up, young Eugen used to spend most of his time doing research in a library. He was always fascinated by astrophysics and astronomy.

One day at the library, Jonas stumbled on something interesting: a passage taken out of an old text discussing woman’s fertility and phases of moon.

dr-jonas-methodIt got him curious and he started thinking about the possibility of exploring this further. He wondered if a scientific examination of this subject would yield evidence that indeed women are more fertile during different phases of the moon and possibly even some insights as far as which ones.

Following many months of research, he found what he was looking for. It all came together on August 15, 1956. It happened to be the day commemorating the Virgin Mary, inspiring Dr. Jonas to dedicate his method to her. On that day, Dr. Jonas established that the time of fertility occurs during the same phase of the moon as the one in which the woman was born. He also found that the gender of child is determined by the position of the moon during the time of conception. In addition, he found that certain phases led to complications during pregnancy, owing to less than ideal gravitational forces coming into play.

Gynecologists, such as Dr. Kurt Rechnitz of Hungary and among the best known researchers in the field, were able to test Dr. Jonas’ observations. Compared to the traditional, hormonal cycle, a lunar phase based cycle proved to be more conducive for conception. A woman’s menstrual cycle, long used as the main indicator, was no longer found to be the only cycle conducive to conception.

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