98.5% success rate

It all came together in the summer of 1968, when Dr. Jonas set up a research center, ASTRA, near his hometown of Nitra in the Slovakia. With financing from the government, Dr. Jonas began testing his methodology.

Some 30,000 cases were tested with a staggering 98.5% success rate.


However, historic changes were sweeping the region. A difficult political climate tied to the ruling communist regime forced the ASTRA center to close.

But Dr. Jonas’ work continued to spread through a new center – The Jonas Center for Natural Contraception and Fertility, which he established shortly after ASTRA’s closure.

Dr. Jonas’ method has been widely tested over several decades and supported by various research projects he undertook throughout his career, including the testing of 100,000 couples. His research has been always supervised and evaluated by well-known gynecologists worldwide.

The Dr. Jonas method has been successfully used by more than million couples in the world. In the few cases where his method did not yield desired results, it was later proven that the couples were not following his instructions precisely.

The research confirmed and proved that:
  • The Dr. Jonas method is 98.5% accurate.
  • Baby’s gender determination is 98.5% predictable.
  • 85% of the pregnancies occurred on Dr. Jonas’s calculated date.
  • In the primary or secondary infertile applicants, 2/3 became pregnant within the first year of using this method, 1/3 within the second year.
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