About Dr. Jonas and his research

jonas-030Dr. Jonas and his road to discovery

After a successful completion of his studies at a well-known medical school in Slovakia in 1960, Dr. Jonas was assigned to run a psychiatric clinic in a small town in Slovakia called Piestany supervising the entire department. After receiving a highly regarded recommendation praising his work, Dr. Jonas was transferred to an obstetric department at a hospital in the capital of Slovakia.

Dr. Jonas’ method has been tested over a 50-year period.

Dr. Jonas worked with a young assistant named Alex and rotated among four hospitals during his short stay. It was during this time period, that first accuracy tests of Dr. Jonas’ method were conducted. There were approximately 50 cases processed under the obstetrics department head’s supervision at this hospital and results were astonishing, close to 99% accurate. Dr. Jonas collected the following information: the mother’s name; her birthday; place of birth; date of her last menstrual period; date of first movements of her fetus; her due date; the baby’s birthday; his/her size and weight; and information about her entire cycle.

Another important element, is now an integral component of calculating baby’s viability was the graph of the mother’s biorhythm cycle at her birth and another biorhythm graph reflecting the date when she conceived the baby and the real duration of pregnancy.

In 1960, Dr. Jonas presented his Q chart, he indicated the size of the fetus, including its height and weight throughout the pregnancy. In this research, the last menstrual period date wasn’t proven as an accurate due date indicator. Some women got their menstrual period even though they were already pregnant and some women did not get their menstrual period although they were not pregnant. All 50 cases analyzed corresponded with the gender selection method set forth by Dr. Jonas. These results were astonishing and were immediately sent to Budapest, Russia and Germany for further processing.

logo cierneFor one month, between January 1 and January 31, around 8,000 cases were analyzed from different clinics (in Piestany, Bratislava, Trnava and Nitra) and the results in all cases proved the gender selection to be accurate at all times with 100% accuracy. Dr. Jonas’ research and theory won support from some of the top obstetricians from Prague, Budapest and Moscow.

From this sample group of 8,000 cases, Dr. Jonas selected 112 cases of fetuses born with some type of anomaly. Dr. Jonas conducted very precise research and found that these genetic/chromosomal disproportions proved to be associated with 13 different planet constellations at conception time. He also found the principals of conceiving twins while doing this research.

All of his work was overseen by a pair of leading obstetricians: Dr. Kurt Rechnitz in Budapest and Dr. F.R. Link in Prague. All findings were proven as accurate and acknowledged by academic institutions in Central and Eastern Europe. When executing this research, Dr. Jonas provided his calculations prior to actual labor to make sure there were no doubts about the accuracy of his method.

This allowed Dr. Jonas’ calculations to be compared with the actual results, with only a few hours’ difference. The process leading to each result underwent strict quality control measures and was examined by recognized obstetrics committees in Central Europe. Each time sample group research was conducted, his method was proven to be 99% accurate.

After a series of proven results, obstetrics institutions in Central and Eastern Europe demanded that Dr. Jonas’ method be advertised among couples nationally. The most significant research endeavor started in July 1968, when a research center financed by the local government was established in Jonas’ hometown of Nitra. In a two-year period, around 30, 000 calculations were performed for the entire country. All of the research was supervised and controlled by a national committee in Budapest in 1970 and its results were proven accurate.

Dr. Jonas then set up the Center Jonas International, where he was conducting calculations and research. In the meantime, numerous other sites had begun to infringe his method, conducting false calculations and claiming to know the real method.

Nothing could have been further from the truth. No one knows how to mathematically calculate the viability of a child without the Dr. Jonas method.


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