Don’t be fooled by other sites

copyrightDr. Jonas has been misunderstood for years as many sites and sources portray him as an astrologist. However, he always stresses that such associations are unfair and inaccurate.

“There are many sources that claim to know my calculations, but I can guarantee you, that no one on this earth has the right formula. This formula has many different elements and components. No one has been able to calculate vitality of an unborn child with 98.5% accuracy, even though some sources claim to have it. These sites and calculations have been harming people for years, destroyed my reputation as a doctor and fundamental research behind this medical methodology.”

Dr. Jonas has patented his method worldwide to avoid infringement. Unfortunately, there are still many unscrupulous groups in the world that manage to misappropriate his life’s work. Dr. Jonas is taking various legal actions against these groups, and these efforts are ongoing. The legal fight involves a lengthy process, which is why Dr. Jonas urges women to only pursue his calculation from this official website.


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