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According to Dr. Jonas’ research, among women who used his method from January 2007 to August 2010, most employed it to determine peak fertility days or to conceive a healthy child with the help of the viability calendar. The latter group consisted of women age 36 and older; those in the group under 40 requested the viability calendar due to history of miscarriage and/or birth defects running in the family. The method’s gender selection option was used by a minority of couples.


There were two cases, in which the method didn’t work, reported throughout this period. In both cases, we later determined that the couple weren’t following instructions precisely.

Women after the age of 40 should choose their conception date very carefully. There are various risks involved when conceiving a baby after this age and women should be solely using their viability dates to conceive a healthy child and complete a successful pregnancy. Please be advised that each year is different and you may have few of these dates one year, but may not have a single one the next. That is why we urge you to plan your pregnancy ahead of the time and make sure you have various windows of opportunity to conceive a healthy child. Fertility levels in each woman may vary from one time period to other, so depending on your body and fertility cycle, you may have to give it more than one try.

  • Dr. Eugen Jonas Method is 98.5% accurate.
  • Baby’s gender determination is 98.5% predictable.
  • 85% of the pregnancies occurred on Dr. Jonas’s calculated date.
  • In the primary or secondary infertile applicants, 2/3 became pregnant within the first year of using this method, 1/3 within the second year.

The success rate of The Dr. Jonas Method is 98.5% in each age category. Good Luck!

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