Meet Dr. Jonas’ Family

Dr. Eugen Jonas is the father of 11 children, but for the devoted physician, knowing the joys of raising children came later in life. He was 50 when he met and married the love of his life, Veronika.

Until then, he had focused all his time on his medical career and research projects, including the Dr. Jonas Method.

“I’ve been helping couples to conceive my whole life, but having experienced it myself was really the biggest joy of my life and gave me a great personal satisfaction knowing the impact I had on other people’s lives,” he said.

It was medicine that first brought Eugen and Veronika together. They met at a facility for mentally challenged children in 1978, where Veronika worked as a teacher. Dr. Jonas had been visiting the facility in his capacity as a physician for several years before first spotting Veronika. He was smitten instantly and proposed to her just a week after they met.

“We did not know each other very well. ” Veronika remembered. But that didn’t stop her from saying, “yes!”

“It turned out we were perfect for each other,” Dr. Jonas said.

The couple wasted no time starting a family. Using the Dr. Jonas Method, they conceived five boys and six girls and raised them in their homeland of Slovakia. Their sons and daughters are now successful adults working in professions ranging from teaching to engineering to psychology.

While Dr. Jonas and Veronika are done having their own children, they still hope to see more babies in their family’s future.

“Now I am just looking forward to welcoming grandchildren,” Dr. Jonas said.

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