After 10 years of marriage, two miscarriages, I was 42 years old, and my husband 12 years older.

The first time I miscarried it was November 2004. I was pregnant again in 2010, expecting twins, but it unfortunately ended in miscarriage. I was in a very difficult situation psychologically when I sent Dr. Jonas a desperate letter describing my situation. It was an extremely painful event, and my husband decided that we should meet with Dr. Jonas in person. I remember how Dr. Jonas was kind enough to welcome us in his home and listen to my heart breaking story.

After 10 years of marriage, two miscarriages and a few really difficult situations, I was 42 years old, and my husband 12 years older.

Dr. Jonas answered all of my questions, explained the method to me in a great detail and I couldn’t wait to find out what my lunar BioRhythmic fertility days were. To my surprise, he determined I had two viability dates that year that would work for me. The first date fell right on my hormonal ovulation cycle, so I eagerly waited five months for the next date to see whether I would be able to use it. But to my great disappointment this date fell exactly on the day of my monthly period. Having felt cheated and injustice, I picked up the phone and called Dr. Jonas with great disappointment. He listened patiently to my anxiety and I learned that it was possible to conceive a baby during my monthly bleeding! I put down the phone in disbelief and was deluged with a second wave of hope.

And the miracle happened. Five weeks later my doctor confirmed my pregnancy. Due to my advanced age and various health problems, I was immediately scolded by my doctor, asking me why I was risking my and the baby’s health by doing this. For preventive reasons, I remained under medical supervision and partly on bed rest until the birth. While I was pregnant, there were no complications or other serious health risks other than the ordinary pregnancy issues.

Nine months later I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy! And my little one was super healthy.

Today, our son is two years old. We get along with him wonderfully and my husband and I feel ten years younger. Our boy has brought us incredible happiness. For that joy and help bridging these difficult moments we thank Dr. Jonas and his amazing method from the bottom of our hearts!

I do not plan to have more children, but will recommend Dr. Jonas’ method to all women who are desperately trying to become mothers.

Yours faithfully,

Monika and Julius K.

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