After 11 years of trying, one broken marriage and finding new love, Jane finally gave birth to a beautiful baby

My name is Jane T. and about ten months ago I placed an order with you to receive my lunar fertility calculation. As I am writing this letter, I’m in my seventh month of pregnancy and preparing for the arrival of my first child.

But my road to conceiving a baby hasn’t been easy as I’ve been trying for more than ten years to have a baby. My partner and I had a really wonderful loving, relationship. After we decided that we were ready to have a child together and after few years of unsuccessful efforts, our relationship started to collapse like a house of cards.

My partner longed very much for a child, but after three years I was psychologically torn and my partner couldn’t take it anymore and broke up with me. I’d put in so much effort and tried everything, but I simply could not get pregnant.

My desire for a child was so strong, not to mention that my biological clock was already ticking.

Everyone was telling me not to worry, that everybody has their time and mine would come, but anytime I went into a park or shopping center and saw all the glowing mothers pushing their carriages in front of them or when I went for my OB visit and was sitting in the waiting room with lots of pregnant women, all this would provoke panic attacks. I was obsessed with children and my partner wasn’t strong enough to get through this period with me. He soon found someone else and the real blow came when he told me that he had become a father.

It was only my job that saved me from becoming a psychologically inconsolable wreck. I focused on my career, getting a promotion and becoming regional manager for a Fortune 500 company. Through work I met an incredible man, my true match, and three years ago, the two of us got married. We both went into the relationship not planning to have children. Well, about a year ago my gynecologist asked if I had given up on ever becoming a mother and I answered him, somewhat reluctantly, that I had, but only because I’d tried so hard and never wanted to go through the same drama again. So he suggested I go to Dr. Jonas and that there was nothing to lose, no painful tests to undergo, no special diet to follow, it was as simple as giving him some details about my birth. When I came back from the gynecologist, I spent the whole night talking with my husband about the Dr. Jonas Method and starting a family. The very next morning I ordered a calculation. Since I’d never had any miscarriages, my husband and I used every date to the fullest. And we managed to conceive on the third try!! At first I could not believe it and my gynecologist had to take a long time to convince me that I was indeed pregnant. Our happiness was enormous!

I’ll soon be 43 years old and although there have been no complications so far, the doctors are monitoring my pregnancy very closely due to my age. We don’t want to know the child’s gender ahead of time and although the calendar says it was a date for a girl, that has not been confirmed yet as we would like it to be a surprise.

Dear Dr. Jonas, my husband and I thank you from our hearts because without you, we would only have been an ambitious couple with good careers. But there’s nothing like having a family!

Three months later: We’ve just returned from the hospital with our little angel and must share our happiness with you – our little Vanessa was born a week ago and is a beautiful, healthy girl who, despite my advanced age, came naturally when she was due and with no complications. After this fantastic experience, we are probably going to request a new calculation so our little Vanessa will not be alone.

We are deeply grateful to you for allowing us to have a true family!

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