I am grateful to Dr. Jonas not only for my children, but also for my grandchildren.

This letter is meant to show my gratitude and to thank Dr. Jonas on behalf of my family and share our story with you. I am 63 years old not and thirty years ago, thanks to Dr. Jonas, I brought my daughter into this world. My husband and I were not able to have children for five years. At that time, medicine was not so advanced enough for us to learn more about why this was the case. They did only basic tests, nothing like today.

Dr. Jonas successfully calculated conception dates that led to the birth of my first daughter and therefore I didn’t hesitate to ask him to calculate more dates, leading to the birth of my two other kids. Today they are all young and successful people.

When my daughter got married and told me she miscarried, I was very sad and turned to Dr. Jonas for help immediately. He gave me the calculation for my daughter, but at first she told me she doesn’t believe in those things. In the end we even had a small argument about it. But after another six months of unsuccessful attempts, I asked her to try the dates Dr. Jonas had calculated since I saw how troubled she had become because of it. And as she was clearly desperate, she decided to give it a try and got pregnant. To her great surprise, she managed well and our wonderful grandson Marco was born. My daughter took no chances with the second grandchild and using the Dr. Jonas Method, added fair-haired granddaughter Emma to our family.

Right now my daughter-in-law has used Dr. Jonas’ calculations and is expecting a child, and all of us are incredibly happy, only they don’t want to reveal the sex. Apparently, they want to surprise us and we’re betting that it’s going to be another girl.

Dr Jonas, thanks to you and your method I have the large, fantastic family I’ve always wanted so much. I am grateful to you not only for my children, but also for my grandchildren. You are a blessing for us and other families.


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