After having cried for many days and nights, there was hope again for my family.

I got married in 2001 and found out three months after our wedding that I was expecting. To our great surprise, we were expecting twins, which made me very happy, though at the same time I had to stay in the hospital for observation as there were some warning signs and my doctor had a bad feeling.

Unfortunately, her premonition came true and I miscarried at 11 weeks into the pregnancy. It was the second day after my miscarriage during my hospital checkup when I learned about the Dr. Jonas Method from one of the patients. Immediately after arriving from the hospital, I submitted a request for a calculation for one year ahead. And five months later I became pregnant exactly on the date that was calculated as my viable day.

A beautiful healthy son was born by C- section 9 months later. That was in 2003.

We were enjoying our amazing little sprout and when he was 5 years old, we wanted another baby. At first we tried naturally, but over the year we failed to conceive. I managed to get pregnant after 18 months of trying, but the pregnancy ended up in miscarriage at week 16. I got pregnant again six month later, but suffered another miscarriage.

My husband and I underwent various tests, including genetic counseling, yet all the results were surprisingly good and the doctors couldn’t find anything.

Time passed slowly. My son celebrated his seventh birthday and I once again decided to turn to Dr. Jonas. The same as the first time, Dr. Jonas recommended I use a special calculation to determine good viability dates.

It took four months but I finally got pregnant. I was beaming with happiness and after so many failures, I asked for an unpaid leave of absence and stayed home since I was very concerned about the impact my stressful job could have on my pregnancy. I was approaching the end of the first trimester when I started bleeding. Quite frightened, I rushed to the hospital, where the doctor told me that he didn’t see our baby’s heartbeat. The same was also confirmed the next day by my gynecologist.

All the department’s doctors and nurses already knew me. At first I was very angry — Dr. Jonas calculations had helped so many women and I was unhappy to be the exception. But the desire to have a child was stronger than my anger, so I contacted Dr. Jonas again. I remember complaining to him over the telephone and, surprisingly, he didn’t recommend I try to get pregnant again, but instead suggested having another set of tests done by another gynecologist. I had been with my gynecologist for 15 years and thought she was great, so I hesitated at first before I finally gave in to Dr. Jonas’ advice.

And I certainly did the right thing. The second blood test showed that I have been suffering from congenital blood clotting, which on each occasion had caused my child to die from just me taking a simple walk or sudden movement. I was very puzzled and angry at the doctors that it had taken them so long to discover what the problem was, yet I was overjoyed at the same time to have learned the reason, especially learning that the problem was treatable and that my pregnancy could be like those of healthy women.

After having cried for many days and nights, there was hope again for my family. I started to heal and gradually brought myself back psychologically. I had Dr. Jonas’ calculations in my hands six month later and the viability outlook was good. Our son was going to have a little brother.

We have just returned from the hospital. It took a lot of effort, pain and misery until our little angel Peter was born. The birth had to be done by C- section, but there were no other complications otherwise. Peter is a beautiful healthy baby and both my husband and I are happy to have our incredible children.

Dear Dr. Jonas, with gratitude from our hearts, we wish you good health and success.

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