The Truth About the Method

How Can I Trust the Method:
A Personal Message From the Dr. Jonas´Daughter

“Life Is a Miracle.”

Meeting new people when I was little meant something special to me. Asking about my name people almost always wowed: “Wow! Dr. Jonas’ daughter? That Dr. Jonas’??!?” First I didn’t know how all that people knew my father and I simply got used to it.

Growing up, I got suspicious and I just asked my dad about all that fuzz around him. And he patiently explained me how he could help thousands of women, he explained me the basis of his method and he told me that I and all my ten siblings have been “calculated” by his method.

IMG_4372-e1529366453275Planning my family dream first I used my father’s method as natural contraception for more than 13 years. Fullfilling my and my husband’s school and work duties we decided not to start a family yet.

Then the time came and we used the Jonas Method for conceiving our first baby boy. We were parents to be! I felt well, we started to shop for our baby, everything looked to go well…until my pregnancy week 14…

The medical tests results came.. Our baby is very likely to be diagnosed with Down Syndrome..!! Left in tears I and my husband were asking – “Why our baby?” We couldn’t believe our baby dream turned into a nightmare. Then I looked back into my conception calendar and I realized the conception date had a good viability! I started to think over and over about recent days. I had to admit all that stress was not good for my baby.

“I put my trust in my dad’s method and in God’s hands.

040-e1529367996638Later on I refused all the other tests including amniocenthesis that were supposed to confirm my baby’s diagnosis. Unfortunatly my dad was no longer among us at that time, and I could use his advice so much! Still nervous, but encouraged by Jonas Method statistics I started to enjoy my pregnancy again.

Every parent wants to have a healthy, viable child. Many parents take a healthy child for granted. I did! After my first tests results came back, instead of enjoying my pregnancy I had to deal with doubt and dispair.

I choose to enjoy all of my pregnancy again, I decided to trust the method. After some time I was ordered for a sonogram. Doctor confirmed he didn’t see any abnormalities, which meant the diagnosis closure wasn’t accurate according to my previous blood tests. I and my husband – we both were very happy, eventhough we knew there’s still some probability our baby could have Down Syndrome.

Few months later our sweet baby boy Elias was born. Absolutely healthy and viable. At 8 months he had weight and height of a one year old boy!

And that is how iConceive works. This is my true story behind the method, and you have to admit Elias is a beautiful baby boy, this picture of him was taken when he was only one month old. He makes us very proud and I know his grandpa would be also very proud.

Don’t let anybody destroy your family dreams!

Life is a MIRACLE. Let bring that miracle to you.

Maria Jonas Michalickova

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