Turning Your Baby Dreams Into Reality: Story About Dr. Jonas

In the mid-1950s, a young Slovakian doctor named Eugen Jonas discovered something completely unknown in contemporary science: that, in addition to the scientifically established hormonal cycle, women have another fertility cycle — one linked with the phases of the moon.

“We can determine on which of her Lunar Biorhythmic fertility days a woman has a good chance of conceiving a healthy child and which days are less favorable,” Dr. Jonas says. “It is a very complicated algorithm, which needs to be applied with the highest precision.”

Dr. Jonas was driven to help women overcome fertility problems after seeing first-hand the heartbreak of those trying and failing to conceive. Early on his long career, Dr. Jonas was assigned to run a psychiatric clinic in a small town in Slovakia. There, he met with many women who had previously had abortions and now struggled to start families. Abortion procedures in those days were quite invasive and Dr. Jonas found that most of his patients suffered from both psychological pain and health complications.

Dr. Jonas couldn’t help but feel for these women and sought to devise a way to help them and others struggling to conceive. Little did he know that his desire to address fertility woes would intersect with another one of his passions — a lifelong interest in astronomy and astrophysics.

Growing up, Dr. Jonas dreamed of becoming a scientist before ultimately deciding to pursue medicine. But he never gave up his fascination with the cosmos and would spend much of his spare time in his local library, researching and learning the workings of the universe.

One fateful day at the library, he stumbled upon a passage in an old textbook discussing women’s fertility and the phases of the moon.

The idea piqued Dr. Jonas’ curiosity: Was it really possible that women could be more fertile during different phases of the moon?

Following many months of research, Dr. Jonas determined that the answer was “Yes!” He established that the time of a woman’s peak fertility occurs during the same phase of the moon as the one she was born under. He also found that the gender of child is determined by the position of the moon at the time of conception. In addition, he found that certain phases led to complications during pregnancy, owing to less than ideal gravitational forces coming into play.

Dr. Jonas reached his ground-breaking conclusions on Aug. 15, 1956. It happened to be the day commemorating the Virgin Mary, inspiring Dr. Jonas to dedicate his method to her.

Study after study found that Dr. Jonas’ method worked with 98.5 percent accuracy. The most significant research study began in July 1968, when a research center financed by the local government was established in Dr. Jonas’ hometown called Nitra. In a two-year period, around committee in Budapest in 1970 and 98.5 percent of the time, the women participating got the results they wanted, whether they were looking to overcome fertility issues, avoid birth defects, choose a specific gender or use the Jonas method as a form of contraception.

Major international institutions and prominent scientists began to pay attention to the Dr. Jonas method, including Dr. Robert Fondiller, a scientific advisor to the Nixon administration. Fondiller applauded Dr. Jonas’ work as “revolutionary” and with his support, Dr. Jonas was nominated for the Nobel Prize by a group of Nobel Prize-winning scientists and doctors in 1970. In 2000, Dr. Jonas was nominated again, this time by a group of doctors based in Argentina.

Dr. Jonas was also recognized worldwide, lecturing abroad, often as a keynote speaker at international conferences focused on science, astronomy, obstetrics and medical research. Dr. Jonas set up various centers around the world in Germany, Italy, Croatia, Czech Republic and India, which were closed later on when he decided to retire from his duties overseeing the clinics.

Dr. Jonas says every woman has a lunar fertility cycle — but it can only be determined by applying his patented, precise calculation based on the exact date, hour and minute (within four minutes) of her birth. And not every woman has days of high viability every year, but Dr. Jonas can calculate which days in which years a woman does, in fact, have a high chance of conceiving a healthy child.

“It is very individual and I look at each case independently,” Dr. Jonas explains.

Only serious medical conditions, such as the removal of a uterus, preclude a woman from successfully using Dr. Jonas’ method. As long as a woman’s partner in conception is healthy, data on the would-be father is not included in Dr. Jonas’ calculations.

To this day, Dr. Jonas and his staff have conducted an astonishing 1 million calculations around the world – all with 98.5% accuracy.

He’s found that the reasons women seek his help today have changed. While many were once interested specifically in gender selection, now Dr. Jonas hears more from women struggling with infertility or hoping to avoid miscarriages or birth defects that are a risk when conceiving later in life.

Dr. Jonas also hears from women seeking a natural form of contraception. Just as Dr. Jonas’ method can be used to determine days of high fertility, it can also be used to calculate which days couples can have sex without conceiving a child.

“They always tell me that they wish they had known about my method earlier to avoid unnecessary health complications caused by the pill,” he says.

One thing Dr. Jonas refuses to do is to calculate a couple’s best days for conceiving twins, citing the risky nature of twin pregnancies.

“I am a very religious man and the intention of my method is to help couples conceive a healthy baby,” Dr. Jonas explains. “I stick to my principals.”

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